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Support Our School

Dear Friends and Supporters:


In less than a year our not-for-profit has grown into something incredible because of your support. We have an army of volunteers and advisors on our team working to make a difference in areas of children's mental health, social innovation and the way education is delivered in Alberta. 

We have now moved into our school building with over 7 acres of greenspace in Springbank. We are making great gains with Alberta Education to become an accredited and Alberta-approved independent school by September 2020.

We have over 300 prospective parents on our mailing list, nearly one thousand followers across the major social media platforms and we have resumes pouring in from outstanding teachers every day.


We are ready in just about every way, we just need your help in this final push to raise capital funds. We are SO CLOSE!!

There are several ways you can support our school. You can join our volunteer team, attend one of our events or you can donate here today.

The easiest and quickest way to help us make a difference is to make a donation (secure online payment using Stripe or Paypal) which will go directly to our not-for-profit society that will govern our school (charity status pending, tax receipts will be issued in 2020).

(Not-For-Profit Number: 776767675).

Send us an e-mail after you make your donation and let us know where you would like your funds to go:

1) capital costs for outdoor learning spaces, planting trees and classroom furniture

2) bursary and tuition-relief fund for our 'best fit' families who can not afford full tuition OR to the 3) professional development and staff training to ensure we offer exceptional, research-informed children's mental-health support and best-practices in education.


We are so grateful for all levels of support.


If you are interested in donating an item we may need, running a fundraising event, or would like to make a larger donation requiring a charitable receipt, we would be pleased to arrange to meet in person to discuss your generosity. Please email our Head of School, Kristi Kraychy

For a one-time donation please click the button below to be re-directed to PayPal or Stripe.