• Kristi Kraychy

World Languages at Calgary Changemaker School

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Our school will have a very unique approach to daily second language instruction. In keeping with our belief in giving our families ‘choice and voice’, every student will be choosing the second language they would like to explore. Advanced and/or Gifted students who are strong in language may even choose to learn more than one as an added challenge.

With the help of technology, audio books, student pen-pals, guest teachers and even parents, grandparents and community volunteers, our students will learn practical conversational skills in their chosen language at their own pace starting in Kindergarten. Our emphasis will be on building empathy through a deeper understanding of another culture and acquiring the basic skills to communicate effectively (especially for use during travel and future business encounters). It is our hope that our students will graduate from our school with the necessary tools and intrinsic motivation to continue practicing and conversing in their chosen language on their own. We think learning a new language should be exciting, meaningful and have practical applications as global citizens.

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