World Languages at Calgary Changemaker School

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Our school offers a one-of-a-kind world languages program designed and developed by our Head of School in collaboration with our teaching team and students. In keeping with our belief in giving our students ‘choice, voice and challenge’, every student chooses a language they would like to study based on their interest in the related cultures or countries that predominantly speak that language or to explore their own familial history. Advanced and/or gifted students who are strong in language will benefit from the limitless level of challenge and complexity that a self-directed, interest-based environment offers.

We currently have students studying various Indigenous languages including Cree as well as German, Japanese, Dutch, Igbo, Spanish and French!

With the help of self-directed technology, audio books, language dictionaries, small and large group activities, student pen-pals, guest teachers and even family and community volunteers, our students will learn practical conversational skills in their chosen language at their own pace. This program typically starts in grade 2-3 after students have had a solid foundation in English and have been introduced to a variety of cultures, countries and languages around the world. Our emphasis will be on building empathy through a deeper understanding of another culture and acquiring the basic skills to communicate effectively (especially for use during travel and future business encounters). It is our hope that our students will graduate from our school with the necessary tools and motivation to continue practicing and conversing in their chosen language on their own or to pursue further study in high school or privately. We think learning a new language should be exciting, meaningful and have practical applications as world travellers and global citizens.

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