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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This week's Wellness Wednesday challenge is to write, illustrate and perhaps even publish a short story with your child.

One of our Changemaker volunteers, Darin Bullivant, is an experienced educator and loving father to two teenage daughters. When his girls were young, Darin spent some time as the at-home parent and as a result, published a series of books on mindfulness and managing emotions co-authored by his daughters. He has generously provided us with a free PDF version of "The Monster in Me" for you to read with your own children today.

"The tradition of teaching through stories is not a new one, but it is a tried and true method of helping us understand our world. Think about some of the most impactful lessons you have watched your children learn, or about the ones that you would most like them to have in their toolbox. Our children inspire us to be better people, so have those important conversations and then write them down.

The first step to being mindful is to be aware that your thinking brain is not always you! Everyone has a voice that they listen to. Take a minute and just listen…see, it’s that one! Once we learn that we are the listener, we have the power to create what we want to feel in any situation, even one that is as stressful as our current one. Ten years ago, I was exploring this lesson with my oldest daughter, Hunter and was fascinated with the conversation. It was so impactful, that we decided to share the conversation on a global scale and The Things In Me Series was born."

- Darin


(Book will open in Google Drive)

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