Musical Theatre Program

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The Calgary Changemaker School is thrilled to announce that we will be adding a one-of-a-kind Musical Theatre program to our school timetable for this upcoming school year. We feel incredibly lucky to have an all-star team of professionals to work with our students twice per week all year long! Our goal is to have students create their own original production and perform by the end of the year!

Students will be able to choose from:

A) Performance Exploration (choral, dance and drama)


B) Set & Tech Exploration (woodworking, visual art, costume design and technology)

  • Our Set & Tech program will be led by our own talented, 'Mr.B' !

  • And our Performance program will be led by our new and returning Artists in Residence: Ms.Lana Skauge (drama), Ms.Mandi Sutherland (dance) and Ms.Melanie Baux (vocal, choral).

Learn more about Ms.Lana at:

Learn more about Ms.Mandi at:

Learn about Ms.Melanie at:

Dance students rehearsing 'Singing in the Rain'
Our Div 2 dance students rehearsing 'Singing in the Rain'

What will my child gain through a Musical Theatre Exploration Program?

The Process:


-Empathy and perspective taking: by taking on various roles (putting themselves in someone else’s shoes). When actors take on a character, they are also pushed to empathize with that character – allowing themselves to be vulnerable and open minded to other people and the lives they lead.

-Communication, teamwork, and collaboration skills: when working on a scene with others, the actors must rely on and trust each other and every person has an important part to contribute to the success of the performance.

-Problem solving and outside-of-the-box thinking.

-Imagination and creativity.


-Literacy through playwriting, reading and performing a script.

-Confidence and social-emotional learning.

-Public speaking skills such as: articulation, projection/volume, and expression.

-Improved memory: repetition of memorized lines, physical stage movements, and timely facial expressions.


-Develop a musical ear: gain skills to identify and match pitch.

-Learn the language of music and reading musical notation.

-General listening skills, patience and focus.

-Emotional expression.

-Music appreciation and exploration.

-Music composition.

-Recognize patterns, tempos, rhythms.

-Literacy through lyrics.

-Memory, coordination, and concentration.

-Confidence and social skills through performance: the more children consistently sing in front of others, the more confident they will become (in both their skills and in themselves).

Dancing/Creative Movement…

-Physical fitness, flexibility, coordination, and posture.

-Gross and fine motor development.

-Creative, physical and emotional expression.

-Body awareness.

-Self-esteem and confidence.

-Promotes both physical health and wellness.

Set Design/Woodworking/Stage Technology/Costume Design…

-Fine and gross motor development.

-Planning and organization.

-Visual/spacial awareness.

-Artistic development.

-Persistence, confidence and pride in finished product.

-Teamwork, collaboration.

-Science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) connections.

-Hands-on physical project work that may tie directly into a future career choice.

-Creativity and innovation.

The Product…

The Show…

-Feel a sense of belonging to a team or even a ‘family’.

-Feel a sense of purpose in creating, working towards and accomplishing a tangible goal.

-Explore a sense of self, find new talents and interests, build confidence.

-Overcoming anxiety and nerves, develop resilience and a positive attitude toward trying new things.

-Work ethic.

-Engagement, joy and pride.

Children Performing Outdoors

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