Investigate A Snowy Day

Grades: Pre K- 3

Read Along link here:

Invitations to play and learn:

1. Read/Listen to the story. Get geared up to go outside and have your child re -tell the story/Act it out/Try to repeat the sequence of events.

2. Create different tracks and patterns in the snow just like in the book: feet pointed in, feet pointed out, drag your feet, find the perfect stick and drag it along beside you to make a third track.

3. What adjectives were used to describe the snow? What other describing words can you think of?

4. Find a stick that is ‘just right’ for smacking the snow covered trees!

*This is your chance to encourage gross motor ‘big body movements’ such as jumping, rolling, swinging, and throwing as well as

body control to see what happens when you gently tap the tree branch full of snow compared to hitting it as hard as you can.

5. Fill a bucket with snow and bring it inside your house. Watch and record what happens. Explore the States of Matter, specifically melting and freezing (heating, cooling, solid, liquid and physical change).

6. Discuss the various feelings that came up for the main character, Peter, and why (content, disappointment, lonely, adventurous, sad, tired, upset, excited etc.)

7. Paint your favourite scene – you could use Q-Tips or a finger print for the snow.

8. Watch the short film on Amazon Prime. Compare and Contrast the similarities and differences between the film and the book. Enjoy! Have fun! Repeat!

Fun Facts:

- The Snowy Day is the first children’s picture book with an African American protagonist to win a major children’s book award!

- Developing your child’s Gross Motor Skills (such as jumping, swinging, throwing, and rolling) can support their ability to write well and even improve concentration.

- Annie

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