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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Since we have been spending so much more time in our homes, we thought it might be fun to focus on what we love about our spaces! We are bringing you a few open ended activities that can be modified to accommodate children in Kindergarten up to Grade 6.

These starting points are meant to spark interest. You can choose which one to focus on or can complete all of them in no particular order!

Have fun with it, share your creations, and ask us for help if you need it!

1. Discussion or Journaling Prompt: Describe what you love about your house – What is your favourite room? Why do you like that space? How does it make you feel? When do you spend your time there?

2. Art: Take your clipboard, pencil and paper outside to a comfortable spot where you can see your house. Try a rough sketch with no expectations, or a sketch of the different shapes that you see that combine together to make up your house. Sketch and colour what you see around the outside of your house.

3. Numeracy: How big is your house? · Using an In-Direct measuring tool (such as LEGO, a shoe, a book, your own hand) measure the length, width and height of your house. Record your findings. Modify as needed. If you are using your own hand, you could trace your hand on a paper and cut it out to use it over and over. You can measure your favourite room, your biggest room or one level of your house. · Using a Direct measuring tool (such as a ruler or measuring tape) accurately measure the length, width and height of your house in cm. Convert to mm or m. Record your findings. · Make a scale drawing of your house on graph paper. · Children can make an estimation first and compare it with their measurements.

4. Literacy: Write a Gratitude Letter to your house.

5. Build a 3D model/replica of your home out of LEGO, Magnetic Blocks, Natural Materials, Recycled Materials etc.

6. Make a list of how you can help to take care of your house. Maybe this turns into a 'Family Rules' poster or a 'Chore' chart or just a daily reminder.

7. Create a sign for your house: A welcome sign, a family motto, a favourite quote for example. Use what you have around, work on it together as a family and display it where you feel it will be valued and seen. Share the love and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram!

8. Go on a nature walk searching for wild homes (bird nests, gopher holes, squirrels burrow. etc) what do you notice? how are they built? Note the similarities and differences and write a Compare and Contrast essay.

9. Make a video tour of your house, describing your favourite space and sharing your measurement findings. If you have access to a program like iMovie you can edit and share your work with family members afar!

We hope we can be a resource and support to you during this time. Please reach out through an email, a phone call or comment on this post and let us know what you need.

We’re all in this together.


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