Habits of Mind

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

We often hear: “Your school sounds amazing and fun, but do they LEARN anything”? Oh my. I could write about this for days.

Yes, we do ensure students are progressing at a pace that’s appropriate for each individual, especially in literacy and numeracy. We definitely keep tabs on where students might need extra support in order to be successful in junior and senior high and many of our students are already working several grades ahead of their same-aged peers.

However, the real learning that takes place at our school can’t really be standardized, organized and collected as data. Habits of Mind are skills that need daily support and practice but do not have a straight trajectory or timeline.

If you spend a day at our school you will find our teachers (in their active and outdoor wear) on their hands and knees working with students on the floor or ground, sometimes in the snow and mud, other times in the Zen Zone or Peace Corner in the classroom. They are rarely at the front of the class because they know this isn’t where the real learning and most important work takes place.

Will our students be ready for the “real world”? I might argue that yes, they will be better prepared than most.

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