Easy Does It!

When children have a choice and a voice in their education they will learn more about themselves and find creative ways to solve problems.

As we step into another week and continue to adjust to our new circumstances, I wanted to share an example with you of my own experience in stepping back to let my child lead.

My daughter has been feeling easily frustrated these days and I thought I had found something she could create that might be a positive tool to help with her self regulation. We talked about emotions and how they can feel really big sometimes and that it's important to have a few "tools" to help us calm down. I told her about sensory bottles and we looked at a few pictures together to inspire her. We ventured outside with the goal of collecting items to create a nature inspired sensory bottle, like this beautiful one pictured below from Rhythms of Play.

She started to gather sticks and put them in the bottle and then suddenly threw them to the ground. She said that it wasn’t fun for her and she just wanted to play in water. Now this is a classic case of a child not being interested in what the adult had planned to do!

I listened to her voice and gave her space to choose what she wanted to do. I love how children are so aware of what they need. We just have to allow them the time and space to do it. My daughter ended up finding some muddy water and spent the afternoon mixing, pouring, squishing, stomping and freely playing the way that she needed to.

This was a reminder for me and I wanted to share it with you as well. Let’s hold space for our kids. Let’s make space for them. Let’s let go, just go with the flow, and let them lead.

“By letting our children lead us to their own special places we can rediscover the joy and wonder of nature.” - Richard Louv

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