Collaborative Parent Toolbox

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This is a collaborative "toolbox" or library for all parents looking for fresh ideas and activities to try with their children during school closures. Anyone is welcome to click on the Google Docs link at the end of this post to "give and take" from the list of free parent resources, activities and ideas to try with their children at home. Please feel free to share with your local parent and teacher networks.

All additions to the list should be free, fun, playful, and have an educational, outdoor, wellness or Changemaker focus. As this is meant to offer support to parents during COVID19 closures, every addition to the list should also be something parents can try without having to leave their homes or neighbourhoods. (Please do NOT add any sales or personal business links at this time. We may do a separate document for small business owners in the future but this is not the place).

To get started, think of one fun activity, project, or resource that you have tried with your children at home that worked well. Add your activity and any notes or relevant links to the table in the Google Doc below. Return every few days to find new ideas and resources from other teachers and parents in our Changemaker community!


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