Updated: Dec 3, 2021

‘Best Fit Students’

The most frequently asked question by prospective parents about our school is one that begins with “Do you accept students who are…”' (any one or more of the following):

  • Have significant creative strengths?

  • Ahead of grade-level and needs more of a challenge?

  • Are academically demonstrating only average in their current learning environment?

  • Loves to spend time outdoors?

  • Are shy, highly empathetic or anxious?

  • Kind but quirky?

  • Just a "typical" child looking for a different kind of learning environment to bring that spark and love for learning back?

Our answer to this question is always the same, "we accept Changemakers"! We most certainly do have students enrolled who would fall into each of the categories in the list above. But our school is not for everyone and not all students or families are a good fit.

We believe anyone can be a Changemaker, but not all want to be one (and that's ok!). Not all children (or adults) are ready to take on the hard work and self exploration required to become a leader in their own unique way.

Although a psych-ed or a medical assessment is often helpful for teachers and parents to gain better insight into how best to support a child with needs, how your child has been labelled, diagnosed or graded in the past is not as important to us as your child's personality, behaviours and your family's values.

All of our current students demonstrate leadership and critical thinking skills, are empathetic, kind and are learning to be open to working within diversity and differing views. Our students are willing to work as hard on their social-emotional skills as their academics (wherever they are at on their learning journey). All of our students proudly know that wearing our Changemaker logo is a big responsibility and they work hard to be leaders, to problem-solve and to fix their own mistakes (especially when they have accidentally been unkind). All of our students know that they will spend time outdoors each day building their resilience, stamina and focusing on their physical and emotional wellness.

While we have a diverse student population in many ways, we are not a designated special needs school. Therefore, it's important to know that our resources and funding for special supports are limited. We have an application process in place to ensure that everyone we do accept will be provided with everything they need to succeed.

Our small class sizes and expert team of empathetic and talented teachers and staff tailor your student’s learning in hands-on, engaging and creative ways to find just the right level of challenge for them so that they can meet (and exceed) their individual potential. That might mean that your child will be working several grade levels ahead in some areas or that might mean that they are in charge of a passion project to do with building, fine arts or fashion. Our diverse student population helps foster understanding, acceptance and empathy. The unique interests and strengths of each student makes our school stronger, more innovative, more creative and more exciting.

So to answer these genuinely concerned questions again: yes, we do happily accept children of varying abilities, race, ethnicities, religious or spiritual beliefs, extroverts and introverts, the highly empathetic and sensitive, the creative achievers and the academic achievers. The Changemaker experience will positively affect your student: shyness or sensitivity will give way to confidence and leadership, anxiety and perfectionism to newfound coping skills, loneliness to a sense of belonging, and boredom with school work to engagement, challenge and excitement.

Do you think your child is or could be a Changemaker? Book a personal meeting to find out more:

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