Activist vs. Changemaker

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

There is a difference between an Activist and a Changemaker. We see an activist as being someone who is very vocal, public and passionate about a particular cause. Bringing awareness to critical issues, especially when there is an immediate need for radical change, can sometimes be an important tool used to make the world a better place. One could argue that Changemakers occasionally need that active voice and publicity in order to help move their work forward, but there is a time and place for activism and it must be a tool used with great thought and care.

However, we would describe a Changemaker as being solution-oriented. Changemaking is rooted in empathy, education, innovation and hard work. A Changemaker examines, acknowledges and understands all sides of an issue before tackling the problem-solving process. A Changemaker does not have to leave work or school or do something huge in order to make a difference, the work they do IS the difference. “Everyone has changemaking in their DNA; it’s just a matter of unlocking it“ (Ashoka, 2016). This is what our school is all


Read Ashoka's article: "What is a Changemaker":

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