Activating the Whole Brain Learning with Brain Gym

I first heard about the Brain Gym program about 10 years ago, even though Brain Gym has been around since the 1960’s! I participated in a Brain Gym workshop to learn the method so that I could share it with my students. The exercises are simple and support children and adults alike to get their bodies and brains ready for learning. There are movements to stimulate energy, help you to focus, or help to calm down. I personally used the “figure eight”

pattern on my daughter’s back when she was an infant and was having trouble settling down for a rest. Most recently, we have been practicing the “cross-crawl” to activate both hemispheres of the brain, work on balance and help with transitions at home. The first thing I do when my students or my own kids are upset is hand them their water bottle and have them take little sips.

The Project:

We wanted to share these exercises for you to have available as they are simple and effective.You could turn them into a fun game of “Simon Says”, make the exercises part of your yoga or stretch routine or even task your child to create a movement that would incorporate some type of a criss-cross of their body. If your child likes being in a leadership role then perhaps they could even make up their own “How-To” instructional video showing the different exercises and speak about their benefits! This example is a very dated video link. Challenge your child to come up with a newer version and please share it with us! If you want to look further into the Brain Gym program they have an extensive website here.

We wish you a happy Wellness Wednesday from all of us at Calgary Changemaker School!


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