A Day in the Life of a Changemaker Student

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Our weekly timetable might not look too different from most school schedules at first glance, but the differences are found in the small class sizes, a teaching approach that prioritizes empathy, leadership, innovation and critical thinking and that a significant portion of each day is spent outdoors.

To read about the differences between Outdoor Learning, Outdoor Education and Forest School see: www.calgarychangemakerschool.com/post/outdoor-learning-outdoor-education-and-forest-school-what-s-the-difference

  • Homeroom is a time for students and teachers to transition into the school day with a focus on relationship building and connection.

  • Math/STEAM takes place both indoors and outdoors. With over an hour each day, there is plenty of time for lessons and practice as well as exploration, experimentation and project work.

  • Assembly is a school-wide, student-led and in-person gathering time intended as an exploration of the 'Topic of the Week', announcements, celebrations, and working together to solve problems.

  • English Language Arts/Literacy takes place both indoors and outdoors. Again, with over an hour dedicated to literacy each day, there is plenty of time for lessons, practice, playful exploration, debate, time to read and our project work.

  • In Drama/Music/Dance we will be exploring classical and contemporary forms of dance and creative movement, musical theatre, STOMP percussion, drama games, storytelling, and music composition. The emphasis is on self-expression, building confidence and understanding how performance techniques can improve public speaking and leadership skills. Performing Arts are integrated into our timetable daily and are held both indoors and out.

  • In Physical Education/Outdoor Education we learn about and practice a variety of sports and outdoor recreation activities, develop physical literacy and coordination, understand teamwork and good sportsmanship, improve leadership skills, invent games, and become responsible outdoor enthusiasts. Our physical education and outdoor education classes are held outdoors.

  • World Languages Program. Read more here. Students are encouraged to choose a language and culture to study that they are passionate about or that connects them to their family history in some way. Through self-directed online programs, small group activities and large group projects, our students develop conversational skills in their chosen language at their own pace.

  • NOTE: *If students are struggling with their core academics, this time will serve as a support block where students receive extra time and attention with our staff working on foundational literacy and numeracy skills.

  • Project Block is a time for students and their teachers to explore their world languages in greater depth, to engage in STEAM projects (integrated science, technology, engineering, arts, math), to work on their Changemaker projects and/or to dig deep into social/cultural studies. Students are often encouraged to follow their own interests and passions to create projects that are meaningful to them within the academic guidelines set out by their teachers.

*This SAMPLE timetable represents a typical week for Grades 1-6. We are always making adjustments to the timetable based on evolving student and staff needs and suggestions. Changes from year to year should be expected.


Every Wednesday afternoon our students participate in Forest School and/or Outdoor Education programming or head out into the 'real world' for an experiential field trip.

We take applications on an ongoing basis up to 1 year in advance of your child's start date.


A Day in the Life of a Changemaker Student

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