Kindergarten at Calgary Changemaker School 

 We are offering a full-time Kindergarten program

 8:30am-3:30pm 5 days per week.

Maximum of 12 students.


Our Kindergarten program connects daily outdoor nature play with emergent and inquiry learning. Much of what we do in Kindergarten (and at all grade levels) is inspired by the Reggio Emilia project-based approach to education.

Our students are offered academic challenges that are appropriate for their individual abilities and will develop a strong yet joyful foundation in literacy and numeracy. Other key elements of our program include social-emotional learning, empathy building and teamwork skills.


Our primary goal for Kindergarten students is to nurture a lifelong love of learning and we believe young children learn best through play. Play-based classrooms are highly social and active and teachers use the interests of students and their natural curiosity as the driver for instruction.


As a full-time program, we offer quiet reading, journaling and rest periods throughout the day to ensure young students are able to recharge between the more active intellectual and social times.


Kindergarten students will also have opportunities to participate in many of the co-curricular classes and activities that our older students participate in. 


We encourage family members and older students in our school to sign up for volunteer days in our Kindergarten classroom to build a broader sense of community and connection.   


Admissions & Tuition