Why Join Our Team?

Currently seeking volunteers to assist with our startup tasks and fundraising.

  • Become a part of our ‘Changemaker’ team! We will work hard but also play hard! 

  • You will connect with like-minded people, add to your professional network and make new friends.

  • Help to create a one-of-a-kind school that will nurture, support and help our students to see the great leaders within them. Our hope and our mission is that each of our students will go on to launch their own ‘Changemaking’ initiatives which will have a positive ripple effect on the future world.

  • Help create a school that may eventually serve as an educational model for student-teachers and other schools to learn from.

  • It is a great addition to your resume or public image. 

  • When appropriate and with permission, we will highlight your background and business on our social media pages and in conversation.

  • You will gain valuable experience starting a not-for-profit and starting an educational institution.

  • If we mutually agree that it is a good fit, active volunteers may be offered a position on the Board of Directors for the Society and School.

  • If we mutually agree that it is a good fit, there may be an offer of paid employment and/or compensation for future work when sufficient funds have been secured or when the school is fully operational. 

  • If we mutually agree that it is a good fit, active volunteers will be given special consideration during the application and interview process for students and staff.


Are you passionate about our vision and eager to help us open our doors by September 2020? Do you have an area of expertise that may prove useful throughout our startup and accreditation process? Email: info@CalgaryChangemakerSchool.com

Looking for Board of Director openings and Careers? 


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