COVID19 Updates 

(Current School Year, July 1 2021)

Update July 2021: Alberta Education

  • Specific health best practices will be developed over the summer and recommendations may vary by age group. Extensive health measures in place for 2020-21 will be eased or removed.

    • It is expected that students and staff will no longer be required to wear a mask.

    • Some transmission prevention practices will continue, including increased cleaning of high traffic and high touch areas, staying at home when sick and hand cleaning hygiene practices.

    • Isolation and quarantine requirements, along with contact tracing requirements, will continue to evolve as immunization rates increase.

    • By fall 2021, the majority of Albertans 12 years and older will have had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated. Vaccines for children under 12 are still in clinical trials.

  • If the COVID-19 situation changes, the plan includes 2 contingency scenarios similar to those implemented in the current school year that will guide K to 12 schools.

June 30 2021: Update re: return to school

“I’m pleased that students can expect a return to a normal school year in September. With the continuation of Alberta’s Open for Summer plan, Alberta’s government expects the extensive health measures currently in place in schools will be eased or lifted. We have a detailed plan for next school year that includes contingency scenarios for continuing student learning in case there is a significant change in the COVID-19 situation. Alberta Education together with Alberta Health will provide more details about the upcoming school year [at the end of] the summer.”

-Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

May 26 2021: Update re: vaccinations

"It is important to note that the decision to be vaccinated is a personal choice, and the decision made by parents/guardians for their children is private. In accordance with Alberta’s privacy legislation, the Personal Information Protection Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, staff must respect the health privacy of students, including their vaccination status. At this time, school administrators or staff should not inquire about or collect vaccination information from students. In the unlikely event this should this change, Alberta Education will advise school authorities accordingly." 

-Andre Tremblay, Deputy Minister of Education


(Last School Year, August 1 2020):


The province has announced Scenario 1 meaning “near-normal” school operations.

Highlights of our Changemaker School COVID19 efforts:

  1. We are focusing on cohorting rather than masking. We already planned on having an average regular class size of 12 with very spacious classrooms. We are already set up as small, full-time cohorts and each division has its own entrances, exits and bathrooms and our student common areas are outdoors.

  2. As our entire school is capped at 50 students for the 2020 school year and each class will have an average of 12 students, if the government announced a switch to scenario 2 we should not have to make any major modifications. 

  3. As an outdoor focused school much of our time will be spent outdoors. Gym and music classes were already planned to be outdoors for most of this year.

  4. We have installed automatic touchless UVC germicidal-LED switch lights, UV light hand dryers and automatic soap dispensers in each bathroom and have budgeted for more soap and more hand sanitizer.

  5. We have hired professionals to fully manage the cleaning/sanitization/disinfection of our school daily. 

  6. We have made an effort to replace most of our seating, rugs and pillow fabrics with wipeable/washable vinyl or marine fabric material and have added removable chair covers that can be easily washed for anything that can't be wiped down. We have a washer and dryer in our school building for washing fabric materials as needed.

  7. We will be issuing parents with a modified school supply list for so that every student will have their own personal items to limit the sharing of high-touch materials. 

  8. We have established a collaborative culture that includes teachers and staff working together to cover sick leaves and to support at-home learning for children who are sick. We have in-house certified substitute teachers as well. 

  9. Finally, we have a clearly laid out re-entry plan posted on our website that balances mental health needs with physical health needs that was carefully created with Alberta Health guidelines in mind and in consultation with our parents, students and faculty. Please review our 2020 re-entry plan on our handbooks page.