COVID19 FAQ (updated August 2021)

  • What mandates/guidelines are independent schools required to follow?

    • All private/independent, charter and public schools in Alberta must follow the laws (mandates) and ministerial health orders provided by the provincial government of Alberta. Guidelines are also provided in order to support schools as they make their own school re-entry plans but are intended to be flexible to accommodate the unique needs of each school or school board. We are not affiliated with the the CBE or any other public school board and our measures will not necessarily align with other schools as our context and student population is unique. 

    • The current requirements are as follows: 

      • Screening for symptoms. Staff must conduct daily self-screening for symptoms. Parents must conduct daily health screenings of their children using the online assessment tool. Children and staff members who are ill should not attend school/work.

      • Mask wearing. Is currently optional for all students and staff at our school except on buses.

  • What is a cohort according to the Alberta government? 

    • A COVID-19 cohort is a small group whose members are always the same people, and who do not always keep 2 metres apart. Cohorts in schools will generally be the members of one class up to 35 students. In our school Kindergarten, Div 1 and Div 2 may be considered separate cohorts depending on current health guidelines and mandates. Students in the same cohort will not necessarily be required to physically distance. 

  • What happens if there is a confirmed case of COVID19 in the school? 

    • School administrators, school authorities, AHS and Alberta Health will work collaboratively to effectively address potential cases and outbreaks of COVID-19 in school settings. 

    • In-Class learning will only be disrupted if there is a laboratory confirmed case (someone who chooses to get tested and tests positive for COVID-19). 

    • Alberta Health Services (AHS) receives all of the case notifications directly from the lab. In the event there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 attending the school, the school will be notified by AHS. 

    • The school does not need to contact AHS if a student is sent home with signs of illness. Testing is at the discretion of the parent.

COVID-19 Case

A person with laboratory confirmation of infection with the virus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19. 


COVID-19 Alert

A COVID-19 alert in a school setting is defined as one confirmed case of COVID-19 in either a student or staff member in the school setting.  

  • If one child gets tested and receives a positive COVID-19 result, AHS will send an “alert status” to the school and the Head of School will inform parents of the alert status and will relay any instructions that have been provided by Alberta Health Services. This may not necessarily mean the school will close or stop operations.  


COVID-19 Outbreak in a School

A COVID-19 outbreak within a school setting is defined as “two or more confirmed cases through testing/laboratory confirmation (staff and/or student) within a 14 day period (one incubation period) OR two or more confirmed cases (staff/child) that are epidemiologically linked.” 

  • If two or more children/staff get tested and receive a positive COVID-19 result in the same14 day period (two or more confirmed cases) OR two or more confirmed cases that are epidemiologically linked, AHS will send the “outbreak” status letter to the Head of School who will then inform parents.

  • Please note that privacy laws prevent us from disclosing any personal information that may identify individuals who have COVID-19 to other members of the school community or to the public.

  • In the case of an outbreak AHS will decide what is appropriate in terms of having the cohort isolate or whether the whole school needs to close for a certain amount of time.

  • We would move to remote learning for that cohort or the entire school for the period of time that AHS recommends. AHS provides instruction on a safe return which will be relayed to parents through the Head of School. 


Public Reporting

When a school outbreak reaches five confirmed cases in students and/or staff members in the school, the outbreak will be listed in the media and on the publicly-available website.

Public health measures for outbreak management are at the discretion of the Zone Medical Officer of Health (MOH); decisions on the need for alternate instructional delivery plans or school closures will be made by Government in conjunction with local officials. ​​

The above information was sourced from the K to 12 school re-entry page on August 22nd 2020:

You can find out how we are meeting and exceeding the guidelines on our Calgary Changemaker School COVID-19 Highlights Page.