We are launching our new Blend-Ed pilot program January 2023 for a limited number of multi-age students in grades 4-8.  

Blend-Ed Program

Blended Learning (Blend-Ed) is a teaching approach guided by a certified teacher where some school days take place remotely, online and some days take place in-person.

Director of Blend-Ed: Crystal Swords


Ms.Crystal has been teaching and leading in K-12 schools for nearly two decades. She holds a current Alberta teaching certificate in addition to her Bachelor of Science specializing in psychology and women's studies, a Master of Science in Education (MSEd.) and is a certified Forest School Practitioner.

QUESTIONS about Blend-Ed? Read the slides at the bottom of this page and/or reach out to: ​

Changemaker Blend-Ed students attend most of their classes remotely with a live certified teacher (online using a platform such as Zoom) with some in-person classes taking place at a different location each week (often outdoors). Blend-Ed students are also offered opportunities to join our Changemaker School students on field trips and other exciting in-person activities throughout the year. ​


Many elements of our Blend-Ed learning allows for student 'choice and voice' and aligns with our in-person Changemaker School philosophy, mission and vision. Additionally, our Blend-Ed pilot program will offer a lot of flexibility and control over the daily schedule, topics covered and pace of learning.​



  • Families who like the idea of homeschooling or online school yet feel they would benefit from:

    • More opportunities for their child to socialize and bond with a consistent group of likeminded peers (both in-person and online);

    • More field trips, connection events and outdoor learning opportunities; 

    • Greater access to live certified teachers in small group and individual sessions (both in-person and online) to guide and support learning; 

    • Spending less time as a parent designing creative ideas, projects and curricula but more time and support for parents to build a strong and positive relationship with their child; 

    • More flexibility and support to travel or spend time as a family during regular school hours; 

    • More flexibility and support for those students who are heavily involved in sports, arts or other competitive activities who need more flexibility and downtime in their daily school schedule;

    • A welcoming environment for students who don't fit the mould of a traditional full-time online school or who find it overwhelming to spend every school day in a brick-and-mortar in-person school;

    • Leaving the administrative work, assessments and required reporting to the school.


As an independent school, we rely on tuition and fundraising to operate. We are offering two flexible Blend-Ed programs this year: Blend-Ed Basic ($5000 per year) and Blend-Ed Plus ($9500 per year). Read the slides below for more details.