"Changemaker schools across the board believe that teachers and students are powerful, develop a school-wide culture of empathy, and offer themselves as a hub for changemaking and innovation."

Changemakers: Educating with Purpose: By Educators for Educators

About Us

We do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to education.

Our entire school community is committed to building strong and empathetic relationships with an emphasis on supporting social-emotional development as well as prioritizing physical and mental health. This is why our students spend a significant portion of each day learning outdoors and why our average class size is 12.

We offer our students 'choice, voice and challenge' through hands-on project work and develop leadership skills by encouraging creativity, collaboration and problem solving. We exceed the expectations of the Alberta Program of Studies in a way that is meaningful, engaging and student-driven.

Our goal is to develop empathetic leaders who are innovative, confident, resilient and will ultimately change the world for the better. 

To find out more, e-mail info@calgarychangemakerschool.com